Maxim Silaev
  • Startup guru and tech entrepreneur
  • Financial technologist and expert
  • Software Engineer/architect
  • Data scientist
  • Business analyst
Who am I?

A startup guru with over 10 startups successfully launched.

Financial technologist and expert in payments,
cryptocurrencies, banking and stockmarkets.

Software Engineer with entrepreneurial spirit and
complete understanding of underlying technical
processes, having background in software architecture
designing, cryptocurrencies and payments, data science,
company management, cryptography, data science,

Data scientist with exceptional knowledge and
experience in modern machine learning algorithms, AI
and related technologies.

Expert in public speaking, negotiations, interviews,
technical presentations, and in business coaching.

Business analyst with a number of own successful
products launched, I have outstanding experience in
market research and business analysis.

Stockmarket trader and trading automator.

Traveler with over 70 countries visited.

And also
  • A former e-Commerce shop keeper
  • Lived in Russia, China, India, Thailand, Australia
  • English, Russian fluent speaker, Chinese intermediate
  • Former reverse engineer, tester, security auditor
  • Hiker, rider, driver, father.
About me
In this video, I briefly
talk about myself.
Experience/interests in
Machine learning

Smart fruit gatherer prototype robot, 24/7 day/night operation time, recognises ripen fruits and collects
oranges and apples. Builds and trains a model to recognise a tree and fruits on it.

Currently in a testing/fitting stage.


Surveillance monitoring complex with facial recognition and behaviour tracking. Uses ML algorithms over
psychology to predict potential future attitude of a person in camera.

MaxTG complex

Algorithmic trading machine with more than 85% success trading rate. Uses sequence of ML algorithms
to train and apply trading strategy approach to make decisions. The trading strategy based on this indicator has 3 to 4.5 Sharpe ratio.

Financial technologies
MaxTG finance

A gateway to cryptocurrency and stockmarket trading. A complete set of adapters for different trading

Z-Pay platform

Payment platform and a cryptocurrency gateway, first in class solution providing confidential payments.
Still under active development.

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secure communications

A complete enterprise tool suite. Messaging and data exchange platform.

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Messenger platform with cryptocurrency payments.

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Software development management
DIgital Dream Lab

№1 Company in software engineering. With hundreds of successfully delivered products, Digital Dream
Lab continuously shows highest standards in software R&D.

Quantum computing/encryption
QRIST technology

Advanced post-quantum encryption algorithm and platform

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What I do professionally
Business consulting:
  • market research;

  • business model evaluation;
  • startup approach coaching (getting things done approach!).
Software design and engineering
  • general tech consulting, financial software consulting;
  • software enterprise architecture design;

  • machine learning, data mining and machine vision consulting / development;

  • financial software solution design, research and development.
  • Quantum and post-quantum encryption algorithms development and audit;

  • Cryptographic algorithms, protocols, software consulting and audit.
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