Maxim Silaev
  • Software engineering & business consultant
  • Trading and financial software architect
  • Entrepreneur, CTO, team leader, speaker
Who am I?

Software engineering consultant.
I help my clients to turn their ideas into reality.

Business consultant & advisor.
I help my clients to understand their target markets,
to build a complex business plan with clear milestones.

Software security designer.
With a cyber security background and following the latest
trends in this domain, I help my clients to build hackerproof solutions for their businesses.

Financial technologist and architect..
algorightmical trader of crypto, currencies, shares and

Speaker at various events and webinars.

A e-commerce business owner.

Frequent traveler with over 30 countries visited.

And also
  • English fluent, Russian native speaker
  • Lived in Australia, Russia, China, India and Thailand.
  • Hiker, driver, father.
About me
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of what I do.
What do I offer you
Software architecture & engineering consulting:
  • Software architecture design consulting: task analysis and decomposition and targeted advices
  • Software security consulting: existing architecture analysis, threat vectors analysis, software audit, etc.
  • Software security architecture: cryptographic algorithms, secure data transfer, data-at-rest security, etc
  • Implementations of statistical algorithms, ML, AI consulting;
  • Financial software engineering: software architecture, payments, blockchains, money transfer, aggregations.
Business consulting and advisory services
  • Idea market research;
  • Business model evaluation, verification and critique;
  • Startup and business research, advices.
My experience & interests in
Trading & trading automation
Infinity Asset Management Group - Oracle

Oracle is an algorithmic trading platform which is used to R&D of various trading algorithms. It runs sequences of statistical algorithms to train and validate various trading approaches to make decisions. Algorithms used in this platform show Sharpe ratio 3 to 4.5.


A smart retail recommendation service. By tracking customers at a shopping floor and understanding of their emotions and route when they roam in a store, SmartView classifies and outputs real-time advices for shop assistants.

MaxTG finance

MaxTG finance is a gateway to cryptocurrency, exchange and stockmarket trading and provides a set of adapters for various trading

Financial technologies
Z-Pay platform

Payment platform and a cryptocurrency gateway, first in class solution providing confidential payments.

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Secure communications

A complete enterprise tool suite. Secure messaging and communication platform.

Whitepaper Go to the website
Software development management
Digital Dream Lab

A software engineering team I do work with.

Presentation Go to the website
Contact me
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