Maxim Silaev
Maxim Silaev
Who am I?

Entrepreneur & Technical leader

Startup founder, leader, speaker

Software Security Designer & Architect

Quantitive trader

What makes me different is the way how I work. I examine client’s business and say how I can improve it. 

I started my career almost 20 years ago as a software engineer. I designed and coded a number of network utilities and service cores, where productivity was vital.

Then I focused on a cybersecurity field where worked with tech giants like Kaspersky Lab, IBM and Microsoft.

Recent 10 years I am focusing on AI technologies, developing my own modelling algorithms and technologies.

I have built over 30 projects in various industries and domains, which includes:

- Prediction modelling

- Mathematical statistics

- Software engineering and team leadership

- Big data analytics

- Network security threat modelling

- Threat and risk analysis

- Software security design

My work does not know borders - I work with international partners from USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, India, Laos, and Thailand.

I helped more than 100 customers to build the product of their dream or to optimise their current business processes.

What do I do?
Software engineering
Software development expertise and technologies I use

- Lead several development groups (of size 30+).

- Familiar with C/C++, Python, Javascript, Assembler x86/x64.

- Familiar with modern statistics processing algorithms, neural networks, NLP.

- Familiar with network protocols (including TLS, SSL, SIP, XMPP and many others).

- Familiar with modern cryptography, including post-quantum cryptography.


Trading & automation
Quantitive trading

- Stocks and derivatives trading automation (stock, options, futures). A trading platform has been designed and built and a number of robots were launched. Average robot trading yields 15%-20% p.m. A number of trading strategies have been designed and tested, including both AI and pattern approaches to trading.

- Crypto currencies trading robots. Trading on Binance, ByBit and Bittrex, trading through with their APIs.

- Forex and CFD trading robot - by pattern and AI approaches - yields approx. 15% p.m.

- Familiar with the most of market protocols and broker APIs (Including Saxo, Interactive brokers, MQL, FIX, ..)

Other fintech

- Cryptocurrency exchange platform architecture (development of systems with internal balances)

- Z-Pay payment gateway & protocols architecture

Software security designs & architecture
Cyber security products I designed and developed:

- SafeChats messenger security architecture. External audit passed. All crack attempts were identified and prevented.

- Avisma’s messenger app security model & architecture and development leadership. External audit passed.

- Z-Pay payment gateway security model, architecture & lead of development.

- Fobex crypto exchange service architecture & implementation.

- TokenChat messenger and payment wallet security architecture and development orchestration.

- TrueVPN service architecture, security model and architecture.

- Cyber Eye authorisation app security model & architecture & development orchestration.

- Post-quantum cryptography key exchange protocols development and implementation (QRIST).

- Architectures, audits and implementations of several private security software solutions.

Also, I participated in

- Quantum secure crypto suite (QRUX) orchestration and development.

- Quantum secure messenger demo app implementation.

- A research of modern cryptography algorithms weaknesses against Quantum computers.

- Windows kernel research team (2009-2013).

- Karpersky lab anti-malware team (2009-2010).

About me
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Some products I took part in
Trading & trading automation
Infinity Asset Management Group - Oracle

Oracle is an algorithmic trading platform which is used to R&D of various trading algorithms. It runs sequences of statistical algorithms to train and validate various trading approaches to make decisions. Algorithms used in this platform show Sharpe ratio 3 to 4.5.


A smart retail recommendation service. By tracking customers at a shopping floor and understanding of their emotions and route when they roam in a store, SmartView classifies and outputs real-time advices for shop assistants.

MaxTG finance

MaxTG finance is a gateway to cryptocurrency, exchange and stockmarket trading and provides a set of adapters for various trading

Financial technologies
Z-Pay platform

Payment platform and a cryptocurrency gateway, first in class solution providing confidential payments.

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Secure communications

A complete enterprise tool suite. Secure messaging and communication platform.

Whitepaper Go to the website
Software development management
Digital Dream Lab

A software engineering team I do work with.

Presentation Go to the website
Contact me
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